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Course Dates: Open-ended
Enrollment Dates: Enroll Anytime
Who can Enroll: A passcode is required to enroll.
Course Language: English
Price: FREE

About the Course

How do you want to enhance your business?  It’s YOUR choice

Maintain your own brand or join the Learn2 team
Start a new Learn2 network hub in Canada or abroad
Sell and/or deliver Learn2 programs and resources
Sell and/or deliver your programs through the Learn2 network
Manage your website metrics, conversion systems, online content (e books and blogs) and search engine optimization ranking, and live chat through Learn2 or on your own
Market your business on your own or share marketing automation and innovation with Learn2
Maintain your own administration and production support or access the Learn2 support team
Write proposals on your own or access downloadable templates to get faster results    

What do you get when you are certified to deliver Learn2 programs?

✓ world class award-winning design
✓ step by step facilitation guides
✓ participant-centered development designs
✓ 1:1 program preparation
✓ ongoing support
✓ continuous program innovation
✓ POWerful openings ✓ visually-stunning presentations
✓ themed music, sound effects
✓ adaptable program materials and exercises
✓ link to a global network of practice leaders

Course Structure


Amy Dano

Amy Dano keeps the world running at just the right pace. Her expertise in logistical and administrative systems makes her the heart of Learn2. She has extensive experience in office administration in both the public and private sectors and provides the diplomatic leadership that keeps Learn2 in top form. Amy’s [...]

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Doug Bolger

Doug Bolger wants to change the way the world learns. As CEO and founder of Learn2, Doug believes that every leader and every team can achieve inspired results.

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Mary Bean

Tammy Sweeney

Tammy Sweeney is a senior Human Resources thought leader, a CHRL, a culture strategist, and an engagement specialist, skilled at helping teams drive transformation and business results while engaging multiple stakeholders along the way. Tammy can see into the complexities of situations and provide both insightful analysis and clear direction. [...]

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